Posted by: lokmahara | October 28, 2009

Refugees in refugee camps

By Lok Mahara  
picture of refugees' eyeIn common sense refugee means that people taking refuge in other country within internationally framed guidelines and policies. But, we may not have heard that inside the refugee camps there are other refugees without proper status. It comes true in Bhutanese refugee camps.

The refugee registered in Beldangi II, sector E/4 hut no: 13, Mr.Chatra Man Subba 76 is the real figure for an example to this fact. He was the resident of Chirang Bhutan before eviction in 1992. He has two wives whom he left in Bhutan itself. Now his one son namely Birkha Bdr Subba 44, is with him, having family including two grand sons and a disable daughter Bishnu Maya Subba of 52 years.

His daughter Bishnu Maya was sick from long time, since 12 years ago. Son Birkha Bdr use to work as a mason in a construction area at Damak, near by town to the camps, to provide support for his family. But it is not enough at all for his family’s requirements. While now his employed son also sick. Most of the days Chatra Man subba use to take care of his disable daughter. His illiterate family has two literate grand sons, reading in class 9 and 10 respectively.

Basically, their family was innocent in different facilities provided by Humanitarian organizations. They are unknown even to the high profiled campaign of third country resettlement by UNHCR and other agencies. They know only they get ration but, how much? They have no information about the quantity. The food provided by agencies was not being sufficient for Chatra Bdr’s family as he states.

They are not getting alternative facilities do other vulnerable receive. “We don’t know who supports our family” said Chatra. “In rainy nights we couldn’t get slept and in winter it is too difficult”, added Chatra. His family has a big question mark in context of celebrating recent Dasain and shortly coming Dipawali. Fanancial crisis hits his family’s vulnerability in earning and understanding the outer world as well. Chhatra’s family is an example of many refugees in most of the camps in eastern Nepal, languishing since 18 years back.



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