Posted by: lokmahara | March 10, 2010

The Unheard Story of Refugee women

She is Bhutanese Refugee woman Hari Maya Kafley staying in Beldangi one sector E/2 Hut No:217.She is blind women working used to work in the river banks as the labour since from 5 years.

She used to earn 50 RS Nepalese currency per a day.

Mostly like a Hari Maya worked in river as the labour because of vulnerability.

Though in refugee camp there were so many organization advocate the Right of women but why they are delaying with Hari Maya case, this many question are staying hide in refugee communities.

This report was not the animation but the reality show of bhutanese women.

Here our blog got succese to post the interviews of Hari Maya to make the stack holder and the advocator of Human Right responsible that who will uphold the right of like a Hari Maya?

Not more than a day before, world celebrate 100th women right day carring a different campagion to support the exile women.

But stil there were some of women who even confuse to defined the right were stay in different part of the communities ?

For the all advocator this report will become challenge remarked for thier furthur studies.

I hope the reader will definatly understood the words of Hari Maya and put some precious and supportive suggestion.

(Note: i would like to request all the reader to support our blog for furthur improvement and more documantry.edditor)





  1. Bhai lok,
    I appreciate your selection of story source as well the matters but it seems you need to learn more English to elaborate the story. There are many blunder mistakes though you might be learning.

    But it is better to get help from anybody before publishing any article. As soon you post it, the matters will be viewed by the world. So, why to give immature and raw materials to readers, who might feel irritation after reading your articles. If I am mistaken, pardon me .
    Hope you will correct in days and provide fresh episodes of feature.
    Jaganath Chhetri

  2. Dear sir,
    i am very happy to recieve your special and fruitfull comment.
    i hope i will correct my languge and post it in next having next story,
    i hope you will again share your suggestion for more and effective post.

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