Posted by: lokmahara | May 20, 2010

Unheard Story of refugee children


The unheard story of refugee child

My words

I am Dhan Kumar Chuwan of Khudunabri Camp sector F/2 Hut No-68.

I am 13 year old and I read in class IV in DMS School.

With me I have father and mother. My father is too old and my mother is mentally depressed as well as mentally pathetic.

I have no one to cared my health and education.

I need to work to look after my parent .

I haven’t got free from the responsible which I bear.

I feel sad while I find my friends in  new and tidy dress.

Some time in festival I also like to take meat and good food but I have no one to look for that.

Couple of months back i used to take cigeretts and other unnecessary things.

Now I am working in Sunaulo Natiya Pariwar as member.

I got chance to do Natak(drama) and show to my communities.

I also know how to sing, but I did not get chance to perform it in mass.

Sunolo Natiya Pariwar encourages me to participate in BRCF activities.

I want to learn more music and drama from Sunaulo Natiya Pariwar and teach my communities to behave positively like me children in the camps.

Presently I am learning guitar class from Sunaulo Natiya Pariwar which was sponsor by Refugee Eye.

I like guitar to learn music and composite the song which will create awareness in the communities.

“I want to do some things in this camp and create favorable environment which will inspired the  children like in the camps”.



  1. i like the article the way it is presented in very simple and understanding way. I also find the article more incouraging which could provide new hope for life. hope every one would get encouraged after having look of this article.

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