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Refugee Eye Guide line

Refugee Eye Guide line
‘We are born to be great’ – Fr. P.S Amalraj SJ

The Refugee Eye is an independent, self motivated, democratic and multitalented youth platform which was established on 15th October 2008.

Refugee Eye is aiming to uphold the Rights of vulnerable, as well as differently able and oppressed Children and Youth.

This organization is a voluntary and self motivated youth organization.
Because of the different disorder issues in the camps, youth Resettlement and especially in education fields, Bhutanese Refugee communities has suffered. So, in order to eradicate all the disordered youth and student’s issues from the camps; Refugee Eye has created concepts and processes to solve these problems.

Refugee Eye has conducted different, extra activities to mobilize the schools Dropout/ Drug Abusing /Trafficking/ Domestic Violence/ Psychology problems of teenage students.

we will speak for other rights

It conducts activities like:
• Awareness drama (as in issues present in the effected area.)
• Online advocacy (encouraging writing of unheard vulnerable story and success. articles of students for concentration at
• Operate low key research in camps and screen the major issues.
• Mobilization of student groups in awareness activities.
• Setup library in camps to make the most of time engaged in education.
• Make mutual relationships with host communities’ teenage groups and mobilize them to fight against drugs abuse and school drop-outs.

Mostly Refugee Eye is acting as the platform to mobilize students and youth to make them feel engaged and responsible as well as with the skills to lead.

Moreover, it will present the research analysis paper to the entire stack holder and negotiate with solutions.

By mobilizing libraries and youth clubs in camps, it targets drugs addicts and school drop-outs, in order to put them on the right track.

Meanwhile it also aims to motivate students to learn and be empowered.
In the long term, it planned to make a good, networking relationship with the international youth community.

we will against the girls trafficking

The main objectives of Refugee Eye are:
• To create a youth society free from drug addiction.
• To mobilize youth in order to create a better educational environment in communities.
• To establish the coordination of relationships with the national and international youth forum.
• To make refugee communities more informed in science and technology.
• To mobilize international churches, clubs and forums; with the aim to maintain support and monitoring for refugee youths and students.
• To uphold the rights of the vulnerable and oppressed.
• To advocate the general issues of the refugee youth and launch different activities related with key issues.
• To professionalize refugee youth abilities and skills. We want to introduce the new international system in different areas of education.
• To perform theater concerning highlighted research issues.

Working area
To make Refugee Youth:
1. Free from drugs
2. Self motivated
3. Better educated
4. Culturally aware
5. Willing to participate

Working policy:
By connecting all of the youth on the same platform, we can present them with the issues and enable them to draw their own solutions. Our policy is to network with international youth communities, in order to create a forum for ideas and strategies that will provide an oppurtunity for mutual gain. This organization was conceived by refugee youth; therefore we are aware of the problems that are prevalent and will find ways to fix them. Our main area of concern is protection for vulnerable youth and young children.

By forming student clubs, youth groups and music societies we will encourage other young people to have a positive impact in their community.
We will report the issues that we discover to concerned agencies, in order to draw their attention to the problems of refugee youth.

Why is it important?
There is a lot of talent and ability that is going unrecognized in refugee camps. Our organization will help children and youth to utilize their skills in order to help themselves to become self-sustaining. We were created entirely by refugee youth; in order to help refugee youth.


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