Posted by: lokmahara | December 8, 2010

My words

Tula Ram Subba is editor of Tula Ram Subba Blog

southern bhutanese becames the refugee politically.many struggle towards repartriation get falled.suddenly third country resettlement option dawn on exile bhutanese camps backing repartriation and local adjustment option.
towards third country resettlement option some of the exile bhutanese thinks it as opportunity and some of the refugee thinks vanishing strategy of united nation high commission for refugee(UNHCR).besides the croud of this.maximum exile bhutanese were in the process and many exile bhutanese exodus to western countries(U.S.A.,canada,denmark,netherland,australia)mainly fot better future and to appeals to bhutan government to back the repriate bhutanese.

It’s became twenty three months the third country resettlement process started.leaders and intelligent exile bhutanese has exodus to third country .It is sadable things to exile bhutanese because nill record appeals for repartriationand pressure to bhutan government for press freedom,human rights and democracy.

lack of practice on democracy,pressfreedom and human rights were still we have found in bhutan.I think it is precious time to pressure the dictator monarchy of bhutan by exile bhutanese through international platform.
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